Hate in the Box Papercut Kisses Lyrics

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She's a perfect, patchwork plaything.
I stick my knife into her sometimes, just to hear her scream.
And it might look like she's hurting
But I know it just means she loves me.
Cause sometimes, through her tears,
I can see her smile.
Snip, snip, snip, shiny black scissors,
Glinting so bright on her milk white neck.
Slitting my lips with papercut kisses,
Wrenching my heart as I cut through her flesh.
And every time that I look into her eyes,
I can't resist, kiss her face, grab a fistfull of paradise.
And I'll break and break till all that's pretty fades away.
She's a colorless reflection of me.
When I look at her all that I can see,
Is something so much better,
Is something so much better than me.
She's a paper white confection, two dimensional perfection.
She's as pure as I could never be.
She's a thing of aching beauty.
She's a perfect audience of one, smiles even as she comes undone.
Pretty, pretty paper dolly, wanna cut into her body....

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