Jim Jones Paper Chase Lyrics

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still chasing them hoes

Woke up in the days each all in my face
wanting on my money I gotta get paid
doing model jades then I hear the streets
who’s gotta get paid
baby gotta eat oh oh
I’m on the paper chase, paper chase oh oh
I’m on the paper chase, paper chase
what you say, racks I’ll be chasin
I ain’t chasing these hoes
foes on this money I’m just getting this dough oh oh

They talking money no I’m speaking fluent
if you’re talking..let’s keep it Jewish
if it’s dropped top let’s keep it ruthless
if you talk a promise you know we get stupid
if I’m sleeping my dream on
if I’m sleeping my team on
niggas beef and I’m in the streets
money put in the beam on
..bout racing pal, yeah
I’m master of that ..that
some of team that make you back
no that get try to make you stack
my bitch in Atlanta get money bring the ..
once she talking and understand her
she give me brand and call a country grandma
and I’m getting brand what kind of door
well I’ve been..I’ve been counting dough
f*ck the ..I’m drown it though
and my trunk look like it ain’t my type
in this pump just might gonna shake that block
I wanna ..so I laze the watch
hundred ..no bunny raps no f*ck it straight the..


I’m just tryin gettin how I live shawty
I’m just tryin ..got a pill for me
my baby need a crib homie
but it had my baby need some ..little brodie
gotta ..pistol talk when I point it
give it up when I want it, give everything out of this joint
got a body on the floor a body know the court
the body have the ..screaming murder you a .. hood
is you ..’cause I ain’t going in until my .. is done
my bills gotta be paid up..laid up till I know this paper
gotta get my paper, baby need some papers
hoes wont’ shop the spring
I guess I’m nigga going on the ride ..till I get it jades
tell I bring home a hundred
I’m a rubber nigga 400..


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