The Mountain Goats Papagallo Lyrics

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[Verse 1: John Darnielle]
You were standing near the water
When the wind ripped through
Heard your throat open up like a champagne bottle
I heard the one perfect song pouring out of you
There was a darkening sky reflected on the river
There's no way of determining where we were
Low hills, colors gone crazy
You standing like a ghost with the water behind you
It's hard to grab a hold of something, sometimes
Like you need me to remind you

[Verse 2]
You were standing near the water
And I was looking at the water
And then you went down in the water
And the river began to boil
There was a minute when I thought I knew what you were about
And then you opened up your eyes and the Lord came out
Low hills, colors gone crazy
You rising from the water like a bird
You had a pure song possessing you from shoulder to hip
And I recognized every single word

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