Joey Bada$$ Pantie Raid Lyrics

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Now age ain't nothing but a digit
So baby if you're with it, we can kick it
And get lifted off the Sour and the piff
And start whispering, and start kissing
Your red bottoms knocking on my Pippens
Tell me if you dig it, so we can get a dick it
Life, she be bitching, so get it while you live it
And stop fronting, you need to quit it
I swear I'mma hit it, I just need you to pitch it
So hollar if you're with it
She tried to play me, She said that I'm only a baby
She said she gets crazy, it'll probably amaze me
She said that she too much, She don't think that I'm enough
I got a smooth style, but she like to do it rough
She caught me slippin', I wasn't trippin'
Cause it ain't a joke how I be ripping up the kitten
I told her listen, Lord knows that I'm a good Christian
But we can do it in the tub or we can do it in the kitchen
She started gigglin', She thinks I'm kiddin'
I was on a mission, blowing double o's, always get the women
I know she peep the fits, I told her read my lips
Said we can do it like that or like this
Cut the light switch
Close your eyes, let the music intervene
We can play some Marvin Gaye or a little Al Green
We can listen to some Prince while I kiss up on your lips
Or get right with Betty Wright, turn it up, that's my shit