Mac Lethal Pancake Rap (Cook With Me Now) Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Mac Lethal]
Yo, yellow cheese, eggs, white pancake batter
Put a little bit up on the skillet when it starts to bubble flip it over with your spatula
Yeah yeah, that shit look like my breakfast
I gotta remember to flip the motherfucker over after cookin’ it for 30 seconds
Ladies love me; I got my OJ!
Everybody said to do another fast rap to this beat so I said “OK”
But I’mma speed it up real, real fast ‘til the whole damn bottle is gone
And I’m challenging Busta, Watsky and Twista, any of you rap kids: follow along. C'mon

[Hook: Mac Lethal]
Cook with me now, unh!
Cook with me now, unh! Unh!
I’m making pancakes
Cook with me now, unh!
Cook with me now, unh! Unh!

[Verse 2: Mac Lethal]
Fresher than a mufucka
Chris Brown broke up with Rihanna so he’s lookin’ for another silly idiotic ho that he can beat up
I wish that he was man enough to get inside the octagon: I'd kick him in the noggin like I’m Lyoto Machida
Front kick to the face just by me throwin’ my feet up
Winkin’ at Rihanna, baby please show us your D-cups
I’m givin’ it to the man, the cakes are stickin’ right to the pan
Your fate is imminent I’mma diminish it, got the weed to smoke to re-up
It’s done
That’s done
That cake is done!

[Verse 3: Mac Lethal]
Let’s go!
Gotta butter up another one and put it on the skillet, couple minutes ‘til it’s done-done
Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with this kid, so tell Jerry Sandusky I’m gonna kill him with a stun gun
Come-come get a-get a-get a-get a crumb
Hit a spitta with a fit of venom when I split a drum
Take another visit in a minute where the menaces to society is In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
You're Danny Devito when I belittle literally it’ll better you
Battling anybody with a better view ahead of you
Like bitter batter-batter I’mma hit you with an auto mo' battery
Bada-bing bada-bada-boom, boom!
I’m the king, better get a clue
Get offended when I’m sentimental and I spit at you
I’m thinkin’ about my rhythm, it's dope and much betta
These rappers think they’re animals: nope, it's Chuck Testa
Gotta get up, the economy's a little brutal to me, the dichotomy ain't suitable
I gotta go to Pluto for a little bit of comedy or something beautiful
There's nothing beautiful about this world
I'm gonna pucker up my lips to barf
Gonna choke a fuckin’ rapper in his hipster scarf
I’m never gonna put another piece of music out deliberately if it isn't genuine and grips the heart
Winter’s hard, so have some pancakes

[Outro: Mac Lethal]
Made by me mufucka
The Chael Sonnen of rap music
Enjoy your breakfast
Mac, Lethal. Biatch!

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