Tech N9ne feat. The Dirtball Paint a Dark Picture Lyrics

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Man lives in a sunlit world of what he believes to be reality
But there is unseen by most an underworld that is just as real
But not as brightly lit... a dark side

[Hook: Tech N9ne]
(Darkness) I can write a verse and take the sun away
(Darkness) Say goodbye to light bcause it's gone today
(Darkness) Ain't no smiling, happiness is done away
(Darkness) Watch me paint a pic that'll make you run away

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I don't really give a fuck of what you think of me, I had it up to here, yep
Follow me into another dimension of insanity's right here, step
I know you're feelin I'm lovin you
When I'm kissin and fuckin you, in a minute I'mma veer, left
And by the pluck of the jugular see the blood of my lover
And then I finish when you're near death
I'm sorry, but I mean it
Cause when I got to chewing on the bitch I got bulimic
Up in her like a gynecologist, with a penis
And when they bled on me I was giddy and never squeamish
Bad as a demon I cannot get rid of, I really rely
On the feeling of the sex and the red of a woman
Can I take a bite of your cerebellum
I think it'll really get me up if I could be sucking your seratonin
I'd rather just die than inflict any pain on somebody who truly put trust in me
Better yet I just make her the suffer who taught me and mocked me and fucked with me
Maybe get up in the club and shoot it up and make em panic at the disco
Kcuf uoy, fi slived si, tahw uoy pihsrow
I can paint a dark picture
You don't want me to start with ya
Don't want me comin up with the heart, hit ya
Chew you up and if you really tart, spit ya
After the brain, I put the lemon moraine in
Blood of a dame, is what I drain my fangs in
Takin the spirit and then the body it came in
Away from the sun n forever you can remain in

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2: The Dirtball]
When I'm all up on a pallet o pain
With blood of my name, in vain sun up in it
I'mma break it down the walls
And try to stop me from poppin my gun up in it
Skits onta me honor me for the time
Never given to the rhyme in another mind lookin like a nice guy
Behind the face be the beast of another motherfucker that be heard the least
So many hear me when I say they can
That I remember everybody that layd me astray. yo fuckem
Nobody but my closest know about my darkness and when they fall away. yo fuckem
I'm to sick that I never checked outa my mental-ward working in Sweden
Burin the bodies, this song made my memory feed em
Ghost made me loud and I'm proud I can see them
I don't even wanna talk about it
But I do it for the demons and the devils alive
Hopein that the nonbelievers get a number two in the eye please try to die save me the time
When I make a move when I'm commin through I'm a stay devoted to rhyme [x9]
Devoted to mine hex sign ruda wicked I'm a be forever de-dine
Picture this my wrist silt pissed off I'm hangin from a meat hook
Yo I'm bangin on a meat hook it's the twist
This chapter ya miss the darker the venom of a main hook book
I'm tellin everybody I'm not doin so well
I'm feelin my noggin to you better watch ya self
Sub-noise when I'm bangin on a tech set
Best believe the dark times are here my lips eclipse everything

[Hook] (x2)

[Bridge: Tech N9ne]
I'm your worst fear, I'm your favorite
I'm your acquired taste, will you savor it?
If it's blood thirst, will you run from it?
No need cause I'm inside of you, when the sun is lit
You cannot escape me, I'm your last resort
When you have an eager, you cannot report
I am the void of sunshine, malicious, vain and heartless
If ever you need an alibi, rely on me, I am


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