Wizard Pain Lyrics

Battle of Metal Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In the Beginning
  • 2 Thunder Warriors
  • 3 The Call of Evil
  • 4 Named by the Devil
  • 5 The War of Demons
  • 6 Lost Souls
  • 7 Zorian Karcoon
  • 8 Pain
  • 9 The Kidnapping
  • 10 The Liberation
  • 11 An Angry God
  • 12 You Prayed to God for Mercy
  • 13 Bad Times
  • 14 Thoughts
  • 15 The Weapons of the Gods
  • 16 Heavy Metal Will Never Die
  • 17 The Second Oath
  • 18 Our Hate Will Burn You
  • 19 Army of the Gods
  • 20 Dragon Lords
  • 21 Battle of Metal
  • After a long trip fought for my glory
    signed by my blood I came along this village
    to find my eternal freedom

    It didn't take a long time
    And I saw you full of beauty
    My feelings told me immediately
    That you are the right woman

    Pain that's what love will give you
    Sooner or later it will be regular

    I never thought that I can love
    Something more than my sword
    The battle and blood
    But there was you
    I thought about you every day
    Your picture in front of me a dream

    It didn't take a long time to
    demonstrate my affection
    and we were falling in love
    we lived our dreams night and day
    But the end was close

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