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Atari Teenage Riot Lyrics

This is a story that must be told
This is a story that must be told...

You tell lies! you tell lies!

P.r.e.s.s.! p.r.e.s.s.! (x5)

Sell your units!
Sell your lies all over and over again!
Others do and you just follow!
Never act! always react!

The industry pays you...
You suck their dicks on and on!
Your need is always to control!

90% of you is ****ing ****!
Spread your lies!
When you write you destroy what others create!
You live of other lives...
Your comments do not count for us!
Which side are you on?

To ignore - that's the only real power that you have
You never understand! you never try!
And what you don't understand - you can't describe!

P.r.e.s.s.! p.r.e.s.s.! (x3)

Come on alec **** the **** up.....

Press - **** you!
Most of you don't have any opions!
You are not interested in the truth!
Sometimes it's better not to describe!
Never take a stand - always react!
Which side are you on?

P.r.e.s.s.! p.r.e.s.s.! (x6)

This is a story that must be told...

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