Beyond Threshold Overthrown Lyrics

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Claustrophobic, the walls are closing in,
Dead inside me, don’t say you pictured it.
Saw my eyes shut, never satisfied,
Fill by hate, now the question for all,
This is a motherfucking game.
If I would, do you need to tare,
If I collect the day that’s full of lies,
Are we gonna escape?

‘cause if I walk, how we could ever change,
Cause of my all deep deception
But if we try to end all,
It’s all for the end of this.

Anarchy, to all the death of this,
Bring now all that, to know what the fuck it is,
Propaganda, and now I thought
That it feels at ache to be overthrown.

This is a motherfucking game,
A fight where the enemies are dead,
Apocalypse to detronize,
Are we gonna escape?

‘cause if I wait, I’ll never change,
Filled with my own deception,
Probably try to end all,
Go for the end of days.

I hate I’m the last to say
Why do we have lived this way
I, I want defeat in you
I, I fucking hate this thing.

I hate the fucking play,
Stay in, don’t let go,
I’m gonna sin, I’m gonna break this way down,
And while you fall I’m gonna smack all of you
I want to play a fall.

It gets better every night,
No one will ever think that you ever loved this
Can’t be taken away,
In the blink of an eye,
In the blink of an eye.

Every time I look inside your minds
It’s what we couldn’t see here.
Every life was took by this disguise,
It’s why we’re fighting in a song.

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