Raven Overloved Lyrics

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I need to find somebody,
Who can’t sleep at night,
Without holding me,
Without holding me tight,
I want someone who sees me,
All the time in their dreams,
And then wakes up thinking just of me,
Spent time on my own,
Spent time being free,
Now I just want to be,

Overloved, overneeded,
Overwanted, overmissed when I’m away,
Overloved, overdreamed of,
Overcared about, overeverything,
I give anything to be overloved

I want someone who can’t wait,
To kiss me again,
Even though it’s been,
A minute since they last did,
Want someone who love loves songs,
And then it came into me,
And to loving arms, never out of reach,
Define all alone, define being free,
This time I wanna be,
This time I wanna be …

Repeat chorus

Want someone to talk to me who talks so sweet, yeah
Want someone who better share their world with me, oh baby,
I’ve been too lonely for too many nights,
This time I need someone here in my life,
This time I want someone holding me tight,
Then overkissed, overtouched,
now I just wanna be overloved,
overneeded (overneeded)
overwanted (yeah yeahhhh …)
overmissed when I’m away

overloved (overloved)
overdreamed of (I want to be overdreamed of)
overcared about, (yeah yeah yeah)
over everything
I give anything to be overloved (overloved)
Hmmmm. Overloved, oOo
I just wanna be overloved,
Someone who’s always in love with me,
Overkissed, overtouched, overmissed (ooOoo yeah)
Overloved . . .
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