Jimmy Buffett OverKill Lyrics

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Legal problems gettin' thick and hazy
Look at the people gettin' rich and crazy
Locked up in mansions on the top of a hill
Someone needs to tell them 'bout overkill

Overkill, overkill
Such a megalo modern problematic ill
Climb too fast and shove too hard
You'll be pushin' up the daisies in the old bone yard
Ah,...ah, ah,...ah

I went found the truth in the Himilayas
Bundled up half-frozen munchin' Milky Way-as
Found a shaman in a diaper with a poppy pot
When I asked if he was cold he said, "I just think hot."


Minor rap breakdown bridge
Out in Hollywood, the paper money rolls
They feed their egos, instead of their souls
A million here, a million there, a mindless corporate dance
Get paid for ****in' off, in the south of France
They don't do the shows, but they act like the stars
They fly around in G4's and suck on big cigars
It ain't about the talent, it ain't about the skill
It's all about the silly stupid horseshit deal


I got no corporate gig, I got no guru
I don't own the ocean front in Honolulu
You write the big checks, but I pay your bills
Now someone's got to tell you 'bout overkill


Written by: Jim Mayer, Jimmy Buffett, Peter Hagen Mayer, Roger Guth, Russ Kunkel
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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