Waking Ashland Overjoyed Lyrics

Composure Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Shades of Gray
  • 2 I Am for You
  • 3 Rumors
  • 4 Edinger
  • 5 October Skies
  • 6 Let Go
  • 7 Hands on Deck
  • 8 Long Shot
  • 9 Silhouettes
  • 10 Same Problem
  • 11 Medication
  • 12 Overjoyed
  • 13 Sing Me to Sleep
  • 14 The Politics of Love
  • 15 Charity
  • I see frustration upon your face
    Tired eyes
    Won't you just rest with me
    I'll make you complete again
    I saw the beauty in your soul
    The way you are
    Can't you just see the oon smiling at you tonight
    And what will define you?

    I'm overjoyed yeah
    Overjoyed to be with you
    Overcame doubts
    Overcame and fell for you

    I see two roads ahead of you
    One is wid, the other is narrow and long
    Which is the one you'll choose?
    Together we're walking side by side
    I will fall and you will rescue me
    Through all my darkest times
    And what will define you?

    Cause I want to know you
    I want to give you all I can
    I want to know you
    I want to someday understand

    And its all for you
    Yeah, who you going to be, who you going to be?
    Always there through the rough times
    And you're always there when no one else cares,
    No one else cares
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