Rockie Fresh Outro Lyrics

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I'm ready, I know I'm ready
Know the lord has prepared me
Got the power to be me even though my style may vary
And I was always taught that you can get rich being scary
So I always took a chance and I'm becoming legendary
Got the broke niggas hating and weak niggas hating
The weak bitches hating, but we just tryina make it
And see a sea full of riches and they just can't dive
They just stay trying, weight shells on guys
While I realize that a lot of people be tweakin
And aside to see them starve but it ain't our fault that they ain't eating
I be when the indian rocky still to be chiefin
Catch the smoke cloud when I'm leavin
I hope you're still breathing

I think I'm not a ...hate you
I could feel you behind me
You got into my brother...
I can feel you floating in me

I learned living with a woman at a young age
That ain't slow me down, no, still getting dumb pay
I've been on the grind, I ain't had time for one fade
In 4 months, I still stunt, and I'm getting anything I want
6 figure sales keep the homies out of jail
Checks coming in the mail, now we living well
We know more what the word is and the flow is our purpose
Now my leather so soft through the hard verses
Eating some heroswings while I'm reaching the higher dreams
Before I go and travel, I gotta explore some different scenes
Down with the past though I've learned from a lot of shit it brings
I gotta separate from pety things

Spaces in between, 2 minds
And all the places they've been
Spaces in between

Yeah, even William bitch, storm jag door seat
Them the type of people that will role models for me
I'm making not stick with the click like morty
Have a billion by 40 and a coupe all sporty
While I'm heading in the right direction
I have options, made a choice and it's a good selection
The team I'm on, yeah we gone and I'm forever rappin
Never had steppin, can't say you done enough
I'm still about progression
I left home, but the kids alright
And they have took some getting used to, but the kids alright
Grind all night, work all day, for what they say
The only way you stay is when you do it your way

I think I'm not a ...hate you
I could feel you behind me
You got into my brother...
I can feel you floating in me.

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