Jessi Colter feat. Waylon Jennings & Tony Joe White Out of the Rain Lyrics

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[Chorus: Jessi Colter]
Out of the rain, under the shelter
I've been so long where the sun don't shine
Standing at the cross-roads, could have went either way
But now I've found you and the storm is behind

[Bridge: Jessi Colter,Waylon Jennings ]
Out of the rain, out of the rain

[Verse 1: Waylon Jennings]
Over the wall, I'm out in the open back on the right track
I'm feeling no pain, you took a sparrow and let it fly
With the eagles, I can see a long ways, I feel love again

[Bridge: Jessi Colter,Waylon Jennings ]

[Verse 2: Waylon Jennings]
There was a time I was taking no prisoners standing with a cold heart
Standing alone, it took your sweet love to pull me out of the canyon
I believe I can make it I feel like I belong

[Bridge: Jessi Colter,Waylon Jennings ]

[Chorus: Jessi Colter]

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