The D4 Out of My Head Lyrics

Out of My Head Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sake Bomb
  • 2 Out of My Head
  • 3 Feel It Like It
  • 4 What I Want
  • 5 Trust Nobody
  • 6 Stops Me Cold
  • 7 Omerta
  • 8 Out of Control
  • 9 Too Stupid
  • 10 Do No Right
  • 11 Peepshow
  • 12 Savage
  • 13 Sake Bomb (English version)
  • 14 RockNRule
  • 15 Diamond, Ruby, Stone
  • Getting out! [x3]

    Get tight, Getting loaded
    Walk right, on over
    Turn up, Stay late
    Time to nail me another mistake
    Destroy, Displace
    Outside of the human space
    I need, some action
    I gotta get myself some satisfaction

    Hey now! Hey now!
    I gotta find a way to get out!
    Hey now! Hey now!
    Gotta get a ticket out!
    Hey now hey now
    Outta my head
    Hey now hey now
    Outta my head!

    Pick up, Warp speed
    Get a hold of the things I need
    No calls, No show
    No rain no place to go
    Magazine, fade out
    No time like, right now
    Just one, solution
    I’ve gotta get things moving


    Out of my head [x3]

    Taken way to much
    And im cracking up
    This place self destroyed
    Defaced, paranoid

    I'm going out of head! [x4]

    Written by: Barry John Joseph Palmer, Dion Palmer, James Christmas
    Lyrics © O/B/O APRA AMCOS

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