Cocteau Twins Otterley Lyrics

Treasure Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Ivo
  • 2 Lorelei
  • 3 Beatrix
  • 4 Persephone
  • 5 Pandora (For Cindy)
  • 6 Amelia
  • 7 Aloysius
  • 8 Cicely
  • 9 Otterley
  • 10 Donimo
  • I'm sure
    Allow me
    Get help

    Only in your note
    Only listen
    Where are you going
    Oh, the song would

    Whose mousse
    Sell our little home
    That's what I'm saying
    It's almost right

    It's a loved one
    It's oh, so hard
    You should go home
    Through the pain


    Only the lonely
    Sell some
    Sell our minnow

    Suppose he can
    If we aren't home
    So come over
    So sleep

    It's so hard
    It's also ugly
    Leveled home
    Bricks so

    So firm

    Written by: Elizabeth Fraser, Robin A. Guthrie, Simon Philip Raymonde
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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