SRH Otis Lyrics

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Mr. No Big Deal is here
It’s no big deal tho
Alright you ready? You ready to hear me?
Make myself sound like an idiot
SRH uh alright
Don’t tease er

Chyeah, I’m bout to kill all of my enemies
I was thinking music, you thinking the wrong set of keys
Inevitably it’s better to leave it alone
If it’s something you don’t know then let it be free
Man let it be known, my energy shown
I’m shooting faster than the bullet that hit Kennedy’s dome
I brought a chick and it better be brone
I’m not cocky, I’m just better than most
Imagine Jerome Bettis on blow
And aks me, rap fiend to the athlete
Fucking up your systems, hurting instrumentals badly
Sadly I was at home with a bad knee
Dude fuck that, I was out living fast free
I was running with a cracked spine
I was arguing with a damn mime
I had heartbeat when I flatlined
Now I’m seer with my ass blind
I just need to see if I can rap if I can’t rhyme
We need a leader, if you want it go and seize the day
If success is just a beat away eat away
I guess it’s why it’s just a piece of cake
Cuz I just demolish my whole place, shouldn’t never feed a snake
See I’m breathing, you get beatings to your freaking face
Til you bleed and lick some tarry, this is how I treat a waste
No Mr. Nice Guy, used to call me Small Fry
Til I got baked, now this fry’s high
Hi, I’m Benjamin, where’s my medicin? I got ADD
Always Dope Definite
I could write dope bars, playin with an extra sketch
And they all sayin S is such an F’in pessimist
Maybe I’m a realist, I’m stealing over your elements
Hell of a rebel cuz I’m a rock to you pebble man
Nothing fed a man, FedEx in the game, UPS’in it
Sending it to a better place, you all sensitive
You all live in the past, where’s present tense?
Then again you made bad decisions and regretted them
Fall asleep on the game, I took sedatives
I drop you all and get head, so delicate
Where the hell are your fans? No delegates
How you call yourself a new man? Ho estrogen
Man I love actin a fool
I just wrote this whole verse while eatin pasta vizoul

Yea, uh

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