Underworld Original Song Lyrics

Change the Weather Track Listing
  • 1 Change the Weather
  • 2 Stand Up
  • 3 Fever
  • 4 Original Song
  • 5 Mercy
  • 6 Mr. Universe
  • 7 Texas
  • 8 Thrash
  • 9 Sole Survivor
  • 10 Beach
  • When I'm alone I try to remember all of the things I want I get
    Depressed, but don't give me handouts everyone loves a trier I would
    Love to be lucky as you in with the rich survivors wouldn't complain if
    I was a rich man everyone can can! an' you want it! an' you need it! an'
    You love it! we sing the original song gimme more! we sing the original
    Song gimme more! we sing the original song gimme more! we sing please
    Give it to me! give it to me! when I'm alone I talk to myself, and,
    Don't get the wrong impression! don't have the cash, but I got the pride
    I never lay down and die I see the pictures I know the adverts everyone
    Else got lucky I got the bad deal looking around me everyone can can!

    Written by: Karl Hyde, Rick Smith, Alfie Thomas
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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