Orgiastic-lyrics-Stereolab/54EE942EE248C27B482568AE002F461COrgiastic-lyrics-Stereolab/54EE942EE248C27B482568AE002F461COrgiastic-lyrics-Stereolab/54EE942EE248C27B482568AE002F461COrgiastic-lyrics-Stereolab/54EE942EE248C27B482568AE002F461COrgiastic-lyrics-Stereolab/54EE942EE248C27B482568AE002F461C Stereolab Lyrics

Stereolab Lyrics

Confuse forms, unleashing of passions
Confuse forms, by means of inversion
Emotions carried to the extremes
Orgiastic of chaos of supreme

Has to bring the world's dissolution
In a momentary disruption
Although the moment seems definitive
The urge to escape from time into pas-time

Opposites in juxtaposition
While the orgy lasts ultimate fulfillment
Timelessness of eternal moment
The beginning, the end transmutation

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