Guided by Voices Order for the New Slave Trade Lyrics

Same Place the Fly Got Smashed Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Airshow '88
  • 2 Order for the New Slave Trade
  • 3 The Hard Way
  • 4 Drinker's Peace
  • 5 Mammoth Cave
  • 6 When She Turns 50
  • 7 Club Molluska
  • 8 Pendulum
  • 9 Ambergris
  • 10 Local Mix-Up
  • 11 Murder Charge
  • 12 Starboy
  • 13 Blatant Doom Trip
  • 14 How Loft I Am?
  • The speaker read from the manuscript
    "Only forty-percent of all participants have remained alcoholic."
    And we began to discuss amongst ourselves
    The possibility for a dream-filled holiday
    Order for the new slave trade

    New flag blowing
    We've used up our minds
    We had no way of knowing
    Old flag burning
    We've lost our souls
    There'll be no returning
    We've diverted back
    To the stretch rack
    Only this time
    We won't snap back

    While crossing the parking lot
    A stranger approached me
    Handed me a gun
    He said meet me in the ashes
    Of the old city
    And we're bound.....
    To have.....
    Some fun.

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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