Gardens of Gehenna Opus Noctis Lyrics

Mechanism Masochism Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 A Dissonant Prelude to Divine Decay
  • 2 The Downfall of Jezira
  • 3 Demon's Diaspora
  • 4 Sestra
  • 5 Gods of Gloom
  • 6 Opus Noctis
  • 7 Blood Dark Floods
  • 8 The Anatomy of Melancholy
  • 9 Dark Angel
  • 10 RabenNutte

  • l'ombra della notte
    circonda la materia della terra
    I corvi fanni grandi cerchi
    sapra dimenticati nell'passato.

    posti, dore fuerrieri sono diventati eroi
    e la spade diventano rossi dall'sangue.

    cold shadows arise
    from the darkness within
    like ravens they glide
    above times that have been

    at places where once
    delusion and lies
    turned into death

    'cause sometimes they lie
    and in oceans of blood
    they drown the truth
    sometimes we die.

    un tempo, dore la rabbia era forte
    e nessuno sapera chi era buono o male
    che l'ora della vendetta riarrivera,
    e la povere creature spariscono
    nella palude dell'eternita

    sometimes satan takes a fancy
    to assume the shape of man
    and walk among the mortals
    to learn about their desires
    to open wide the portals
    for his coming from the other side

    Written by: Andreas Opel, Birgit Lages
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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