Castle Opium (Blueprint Remix) Lyrics

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She called me up said she needed to talk
Desperately need a friend say she need me again
I know the story probably ended before it starts
Me a logic at the meeting but my lower brain intense
Just listen to her
Told me she trying to keep it together but all a new nigger does
Is just rip it to her
Initial thought grew
Forget saving this chick
If you play superhero
She'll be a villain
Logic has a hard voice but the heart is undecided
Aching it aches more to...
Then I'm reminded how good I feel to be snug inside it
Before I know it she's in my bed and we fuck to...
Playing causal with questions like how's your mama
I know I couldn't give a fuck but I still give her answers
Because we all know we just all in a drama
So wrap your armor preach yourself going through a trauma
And I know that should tell her kick rock
Cause reason ain't stronger than lust
And I know I should did it, gave her the final blow
But I don't cause reason ain't stronger than lust

She'll be right back to the arguments
Wasn't long before it started being marvelous
Kisses on her neck seemed big enough to cause her shit
Only for an house
Then I'm left to wonder how I feel for this pussy
Perhaps I was attracted to the scars around her heart
Should've warned me from the last time that she was thorn apart
In my evidence I tried to be the beacon in the dark
Then I fell but there was no more baloney with a tart
Call her cell phone so she backing up believing
Never cheating always giving you respect so what the fuck?
Whatcha mean you ended up in niggers speaking
I guess all that you needed was for you to be mistreated ha?
Feel like I bloom and blush she cries I eat it up
Fiery goodbye kiss I'm trying to heat it up
Say that I need her heart she say that he need her more
There she is staring frozen at the door
And I know that should tell her kick rocks
Break a tone but I won't cause reason ain't strong enough
And I know that I should give it, give it the final blow
But I don't cause reason ain't stronger than lust

I never promised to myself to keep my guard up
Just to remind myself when something seem too good to be true
It probably is and I shouldn't get beside myself
Besides she only doing well and that is all that counts
She could do another nigger she'd be keen to spouts
She don't need me now so why am I in Jody's spouts
With the proverbial shovel ready to dig shorty out?

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