The Last Shadow Puppets Only the Truth Lyrics

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Only the truth
She reckoned she owed
Only the truth
She reckoned she owes

The way she walks
Is scripted and taught
Don't give her an eye
She snipered your mind
See by her hands
That she's been there before
She lifts up her glass
As if to bring down a mess


Climbing the stairs
As if to follow her there
Her golden lace boots
May stop your right there
Hands on your arm
She greets all your friends
Twist of a lime
It seems a bitter end


The girl with many
Different strategies
Wakes the wolves
To curse them
To their knees
She's in the one
By the riverbank
So it's easier for her
To drown you
And she claims
Oh, she claims


Written by: Alex Turner, Miles Kane
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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