Bride Only Hurts When I Laugh Lyrics

The Lost Reels Track Listing
  • 1 How Long
  • 2 Fine Line
  • 3 Only Hurts When I Laugh
  • 4 Lisa
  • 5 Let The Son Shine
  • 6 I Don't Get It
  • 7 Hollywood
  • 8 Sugar
  • 9 I Am The Devil
  • 10 Good Rock 'n' Roll
  • 11 Dirty
  • 12 18
  • 13 Help
  • 14 Could You Live In My World
  • 15 Think About Our Future
  • 16 Sleepy Southern Son
  • 17 Pyramid
  • 18 Echoes Of Mercy
  • 19 I Miss Dancing With You
  • 20 It's The Devil
  • My mind works all the time is that why your afraid of me
    Or is it my tattoo's you can't help but to see
    They say that I am complex Don't believe everything I read
    And sometimes it is hard to explain all that I have seen

    I don't smile for pictures, my success is overdone
    God watches over me I am the fortunate one
    Give me wings of angels Rise above self righteousness
    There is only so much of this world my soul can digest


    It only hurts when I laugh

    You can look a man dead in the eye
    See deep within his soul
    You can walk a mile in his shoes
    And never know all he knows


    My songs aren't always perfect cause the truth it sometimes hurts And even though it is painful, you know all the words I've learned to shut the world out and to let the spirit in It's only when I'm honest that miracles begin Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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