Fiend Only a Few Lyrics

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[master p]
Yo, see them out there
Yo fiend, ****in mafiaso
If your ****ing with no limit
Fiend, big ed, master p and silkk
You ****ing with the best
You don't want to **** with the best
Yo mucha

I only **** with a few
You never know what these *****s'll do
You better choose careful who you call your crew
And do a review on these *****es, before you call em your boo x2

You never know what's goin on with
Some of these hungry *** *****s arrested
And what you got, never allowed the chance to touch it
Was it obvious that ***** ain't die
He was in from the begginning had a piece of the pie
Cause in his eyes, cold like chicago weather
Birds of a feather **** over together, that's forever
The only change, they accepted when I got him killed
Well they all a time for real over a dollar bill
So now you feel that all street family ain't yours
Receiving cuts and sores because you opened your pores
These *****s ride like volvos, and we ain't talkin bout these whores
Give a section of the beach, ***** surfers gotta swim ashore
If you need more, then take this notion with my devotion
Remember jealousy is a wasted emotion.

Chorus x2

[master p]
I'd rather die hustling then be broke and lonely
Cause most of these *****s out here be phony
Find me on the street corner living my life fast
[big ed]
Remember take a bullet for your homie
[master p]
That's my ***** big ed
[big ed]
See this tru **** ***** I'm a kill for it
When the rents due, ya know I'm a steal for it
Take a ride with my homies if I have to
Keep your eyes on your enemies cause they'll blast you
[master p]
And momma sheds tears cause my homies seen that
***** gangbang seen tru up on my chest
To my *****s in jail, stay strong doin time
I thank the lord for taking me out the ghetto with these rhymes
Blood stains on the street cause this ghetto life's a *****
And that's a shame cause it's bound to change once a *****s rich

Chorus x2

[silkk the shocker]
Come take a ride at, before the game begins
I seen *****s die bad, and they die for pennies
Can't trust nobody seen around my way
*****s dead, and that's why they ain't around today
See penetentaries, they ain't no place for me
I tell my mom don't trip, just pray for me
And to all the slugs from *****s that have hate for me
Tell my lady I'll take two years don't even wait for me
And see, you never get a second chance to live a first life
That's why I ball till I fall and live the first right
So even though I thug with them, I still ask these *****s
I've seen a lot of cold ****, ? ? ? ? ? been home test if I get ya
I only ride with *****s that I test the water with
*****s I slang quarters with, slaughter ****, spent the hardest ****
Only trust a few, only trust a few
You fakes, I can't even **** with you

Chorus x2

Written by: Ou0027dell Vickers, R. Jones, E. Knight, V. Miller, P. Miller
Lyrics © Ultra Tunes

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