The Partisans Only 21 Lyrics

The Time Was Right Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 I Never Needed You
  • 2 Anger And Fear (Your All Alone)
  • 3 The Money Rolls In
  • 4 Only 21
  • 5 Time Was Right
  • 6 White Flag
  • 7 17 Years (live)
  • 8 Change (live)
  • 9 Arms Race (live)
  • 10 Come Clean (live)
  • 11 Overdose (live)
  • 12 Partisans (live)
  • 13 Blind Ambition (Studio version)

  • We grew up together
    We saw it all we thought we had it made
    but how was I gonna know
    That the bond we had would soon begin to fade
    The times we spent the fun we had
    Are the memories that just turned bad
    But that's the price we pay for being young
    We roamed the streets of every town
    We almost had the country on its knees
    But mass acceptance dragged you down
    We were a problem overcome with ease
    But unlike as we thought was right
    We went down without a fight
    And we let them grind us into the ground
    The years have gone behind us
    The things we've said and done
    It's strange to be nostalgic
    When you're only 21
    There came a time when you were gone,
    When everything you stood for disappeared
    And now I look at the shadow left
    And I doubt if you will reappear
    'Cos you've left a legacy of clones
    Of broken minds in broken homes
    And it looks like I've become a memory

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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