Jamelia One Lyrics

Drama Track Listing
  • 1 One
  • 2 Money (feat. Beenie Man)
  • 3 Call Me
  • 4 Not With You
  • 5 Boy Next Door
  • 6 One Day
  • 7 Ghetto
  • 8 Thinking 'Bout You
  • 9 I Do
  • 10 Room 101
  • 11 Guilty
  • 12 I Can't Be
  • 13 This Time
  • (Rap)
    Its your favourite little miss
    On top of dis ish
    Showing you how its is
    When you get your wish
    Never knew that I could kick it
    Demolishing the wicked
    Didn't have to be paper for
    Me to rip it
    Displaying qualities that you never existed
    Coming in from every corner
    That'll get you twisted
    Got you wide open
    When I'm sining my song
    5,4,3,2, nah there's only one

    Only one girl can make a player not a play
    And only one girl can make a bad boy stay
    With only one girl the light you will see
    But I bet you never knew that girl was me

    I stepped into the room and I
    Saw that look you can't deny it baby now
    You've been took now honey it ain't all about
    What I got 'cause I guarantee that sugar
    I'll get you hot

    Now I know that you're thinking about
    How to get me you gotta know from the get go
    It ain't gonna be easy
    Gotta have everything I want and need
    Oh yes you do
    'cause I know for sure, I'm so damn sure
    That I got that for you, 'cause there is

    Take a stop and listen
    'cause you will reminiscing
    'Bout the way that I be getting you
    The way my heat be sweating
    I'm a limited edition
    Never again will I be witnessed
    And you gotta know you gotta
    Yes you gotta know baby
    One is all I want one is all I need
    If you think you got what I want
    What you waiting on come on
    Now you realise there's only one

    Chorus: - Adlibs to fade.....

    Written by: Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, Christopher Michael De Stefano, Luke Bryan
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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