Carole King One Was Johnny Lyrics

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(One was Johnny)

One was Johnny who lived by himself
Two was a rat who jumped on his shelf
Three was a cat who chased the rat
Four was a dog who came in and sat
Five was a turtle who bit the dog's tail
Six was a monkey who brought in the mail
Seven a blackbird pecked poor Johnny's nose

(One was Johnny)

Eight was a tiger out selling old clothes
Nine was a robber who took an old shoe
Ten was a puzzle, what should Johnny do

(One was Johnny)

He stood on a chair and said,
Here's what I'll do, I'll start to
Count backwards
And when I am through
If this house isn't empty, I'll eat
All of you!

Nine was the robber who left looking pale
Eight was the tiger who chased him to jail
Seven was the blackbird flew off to Havana
Six was the monkey who stole the banana
Five was the turtle who crawled off to bed
Four was the dog who slid home on a sled

(One was Johnny)

Three was the cat who pounced on the rat
Two was the rat who left with the cat

(One was Johnny, one was Johnny,
One was Johnny)

One was Johnny who lived by himself
And liked it like that!

(One was Johnny, one was Johnny)