Fiend One Warrior (Open Letter Freestyle) Lyrics

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Waiting for a label check, they ain't paid
Made the push ferarri trucks, they ain't made them yet
These bars lay out, unlike what's a ...rapper
Ask kope do it right, game back
At the Porsche, don't piss him off, deranged wheel
In new Orleans, smoking on this game real
The game real, you just dealing with the lames still
Can't pay you no mind cause I'm paying bills
Chain too heavy to weight
Landon play right on the estate
A wine state going too late
Making ... hear me late to save the day, hey
I ain't borrow no sins for the visual,
This is what happen about to happen when you get loose
Before that job was in a trash bag
Dope so raw, call it Baghdad
Baddest enough alive after the hash tag
Doobies in the toolie in a hand bag
What you know about ...collars
I ain't done shit til you heard I coped the nolar
Cash got the power my niggas paying them wallets
She on her knees, I'm in her mees, styling
Niggas want the bitches, bitches want the money
I just want richess, tryina smoke an onion
Life behind limo glass, listenin to marvin gaye and teddy whip your ass
I'm in the booth like I could do more
Be a fur in the club like where my roof gone
She thick as ... I'm papi chulo
Know that they hear it, don't talk fast, they just hear slow
Rap like Mexicans, cartel, don't fuck with me
I'm partin heaven, wishing you hell
They can't figure me out, I was just digging her out
She shotgun sitting clouds
By the time you on your second cup
I used to be putting my choice of weapons up
Boks and bats, crooks with gats
6 for all you cookin crack
Fist full of money and looking back
Shit, I can and will forever be
Supreme emcee, dope, jones.

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