Fred The Godson One Night Stand Lyrics

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[Tyler Woods - Intro:]
All I need, yea
One night, baby
All I need

[Fred The Godson - Verse 1:]
She love the flow that he write
She see his doe and it's tight
He move low through the night
She want to know what it's like
Come here, she jumped in the whip, blew the ignition
Listen, if this is a love like New Edition
Her lip gloss on my brown Polo
I'm on like a Bobby Brown solo
I won't be cruel
I'll make that leg shake if you want me to
She moaned like Honey
Sean John cologne, yea I smell like money
Her Bronx tell sonny
They go yummy
And later Terminate-Her, Arnold Money
She know how my sex play
One night stand, she called me the next day

[Tyler Woods - Hook]
Shawty I need, Shawty all I need is one night
You can call me, I just want to love you right
Shawty let's ride, I can feel you girl, tonight baby
All that I need, is one night

[Fred The Godson - Verse 2:]
I met shawty at the bar with the mink in a drought
Asked her "What's real? What you thinking about?"
I got the big Cuban link and it's out
Patron on my roof girl, drinks on the house
You and your friends good
They all hopped in, took her to her friend's hood
Her friend left full of laughter
We hit the cafeteria after
I ordered the beef bacon
Niggas ice grilling, I could sense the beef baking
My BM outside
Besides, the whole TBM outside
She never met Fred before
Turned ShaNaeNae, said she read'-to-go
We had an all night love affair
When she woke up, the Godson wasn't there


[Tyler Woods - Bridge]
Now it's calling
Until you need it
Shawty let's get gone tonight
And it's on tonight
Come ride with me

[Fred The Godson - Verse 3:]
It's all about the right place at the right time
Shawty got the right face, here's some white wine
She see I got the right shine
She want to be a millionaire, no life line
She know fat boy rap
Started beat-boxing, I brought FatBoys back
When she loving that swagger
It's nothing to bag her
Nothing else matters


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