Ultramagnetic MC’s One Minute Less Lyrics

Critical Beatdown Track Listing
Cassette 1
  • 1 Watch Me Now
  • 2 Ease Back
  • 3 Ego Trippin’ (MC’s Ultra remix)
  • 4 Moe Luv’s Theme
  • 5 Kool Keith Housing Things
  • 6 Traveling at the Speed of Thought (remix)
  • 7 Feelin’ It
  • 8 One Minute Less
  • 9 Ain’t It Good to You
  • 10 Funky (remix)
  • 11 Give the Drummer Some
  • 12 Break North
  • 13 Critical Beatdown
  • 14 When I Burn
  • 15 Ced‐Gee (Delta Force One) (remix)
  • "T minus one minute, mark, and counting"
    "T minus one minute, mark, and counting"
    "The firing system for the sound suppression water
    Will be armed in just a couple of seconds from now"

    [Kool Keith]
    Yo, Ced, we only got a minute left
    What are we gonna do?

    [Ced Gee]
    Word, yo I'm gonna bust a rhyme, we out of here man y'know
    We hit the road, y'now
    And come back next winter, somethin like that

    [Kool Keith]

    [Ced Gee]
    Aight, let's do this
    A minute left, to give you another rhyme
    Thumping it, to keep you all on time
    Kicking it, wit much rhythm and pace
    To set my tone, follow the bass
    Quickly, other rappers are annihilated
    Designated, eradicated, suffacated
    Like a cake that's set to bake
    I'll take, mold and shpe
    Scrape, like a butcher, I'm carvin
    You're brain's starvin, I'm steady scarrin
    A plastic garden, the crowd is chargin
    And I'm dodgin, I'm livin large and
    Better then ever and clever to battle me never
    Whether or not you rock alot or rhyme
    To twist and shift the pitch to switch the gift to gab
    To drop a dab of rhythm
    Give em, a certified rhyme
    That I use, confuse, clock the time to a point
    A metaphysical radius
    I'm Ced-Gee and all I have to say is this

    Yo, I'm outta here, yo, I like to say wassup to my man CJ
    Down at six corners, Red Alert, the Violators, the Jungle Brothers
    The whole family, Afrika Bambaataa
    My man Andy down at D

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