Veruca Salt One Last Time Lyrics

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I wind you up then I wait here for the melancholy
I give you up while you sit here in all your glory
I never thought you would
I never knew you could
But now you're gone and I don't think I care
I sold your love down the river for a bow and arrow
Euphoria has just been here and she's looking terrible
I've never sunk this low
It's better if you go
When you're nearby
I see you and want you to try
To love me like a monster
One last time
Control me like a father
One last time
Stay with me 'til I'm stronger
One last round
To kick me when I'm down
Don't kick me when I'm down
I never thought you would
I never understood
And that's why I'm weak and I want you to try
To make me an example
One last time
To drag me through the cycle
One last time
To make me a disciple
One last round
Will get me to the ground
You'll get me on the ground
I'll see you around
Yeah I'll see you around
One last town
And I'll see you around


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