Paul Carrack One Good Reason Lyrics

One Good Reason Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 One Good Reason
  • 2 When You Walk in the Room
  • 3 Button Off My Shirt
  • 4 Give Me a Chance
  • 5 Double It Up
  • 6 Don't Shed a Tear
  • 7 Fire With Fire
  • 8 Here I Am
  • 9 Collrane
  • 10 (Do I Figure) In Your Life
  • I stand on my ground when we fight, no matter where we are
    I am the sad clown with teared eyes, so happy on your own
    We get some strange looks when we shout, clowning at the bar
    It seems that I've hoped, now I found a match from my own heart


    Just give me one good reason baby, one good reason now
    One good reason, I should, I should hang around
    One good reason

    I often wonder how we look in other people's eyes
    Wild lovers, explosive, and right above these eyes
    She stands on her own ground when we kiss, poisoning my mind
    I bet I found my match, to strike it up tonight

    Written by: Samantha nicole nelson-Gums, william ernest lobban bean, lauren courney mayhew
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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