Reckless Kelly One False Move Lyrics

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Is this...what it comes down to?
It don't's either me or you
All you get is one false move

My know I have to choose
And go's either win or lose
In the end there is only one false move

At first glance, we're still in this game
There's a desperate chance that it will hopefully still remain
Until we come to see the error of our ways
We're just one false move away

It's a cost...of our endless needs
Out of thought...wicked deeds
Leaves me lost with nothing to believe

Foolish pride...Wouldn't let you leave
If you try...If I beg and plead
And besides there's no water round my feet



We're just one false move away [Repeat: x 2]

Written by: Dustin Welch, Willy Braun
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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