Classified One Day Lyrics

Unpredictable Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Unpredictable
  • 3 We'll never fall
  • 4 Classic
  • 5 Sound Off
  • 6 Juno Massacre
  • 7 My life
  • 8 Break & Enter
  • 9 One Day
  • 10 Why
  • 11 Its Pretty Obvious
  • 12 What tha...
  • 13 Wake up call
  • 14 The bad side remix
  • 15 Unpredictable (edit)

  • [Verse 1:]
    Now Claaassss
    Went From Underrated, Now Anticipated
    Affiliated Felt Degraded
    Now I Cant Be Faded, Graduated
    Rappers Hate It
    Step Decapitated
    But I Don't Give A Shit
    Lookin' Back Dues I Paid It
    I Got A Million Notches Under My Belt
    From Droppin So Much Weight
    Lookin' In The Eyes Of Many
    And Never Could Relate
    I Guess I Got A Good [?]
    (Droppin') Chapter After Chapter
    (And) And If I'm Hearin' Laughter
    (Oohh Nooo) End Of [?]
    And After The Ball Drops I'll Haul Off And Tap Ya
    Step After Step You Respect Like A Master
    The Sick Rhyming Bastard
    Metaphors And Punch Lines
    Lookin' For Some Sunshine
    Feelin' Like I'm Done Dryin'
    Hands Have Calluses From Dealin' With The ?
    From Start To The Ending Beginning To A Legend
    From Class To My Enemies And All Of You In-Between
    Hold The Tight Grip On Life If You Know What I Mean
    [Chorus: X2]
    (One Day) You Can Be At The Top And Then Uh
    (One Day) You Could Easily Drop But Then Uh
    (One Day) You Got A Ride That's Large
    And Then Another Day Passes And I'm Stealin Your Car
    [Verse 2:]
    I Went From Unemployed To Gettin' Paid In One Day
    I Went From Havin No Fun To Gettin Laid In One Day
    I Went And Took Your Girls Virginity In One Long Day
    A Lot Of Things Can Easily Change In Only One Day
    I Went From Verbal Energizer To Lyric Memorizer
    Kid Who Broke It Down By Syllables And Analyzed Ya
    Kamikaze Type Of Flowin' Like A Mortar
    The One Who Keeps His Head Up And Still Releases Product
    Class's ?Slash? Is Unpredictable
    Dealin' With The Back ? Is Unforgivable
    Unconditional Amounts Of Pain Runnin Through My Brain
    Through My Veins, Feelin' Stressed Out, Both Are Unexplained
    The Simple Life Is What We Need In This World
    But Yo The Simple Life Ain't What We Got In This World
    So I'm Gonna Take What I Got, Fade Away The Pain
    I Know I Ain't The Worst Of But All Of That Could Change
    {"That's The Way The World Turns I Guess"}
    {"Day After Day One Time After Another"}
    {"That's The Way The World Turns I Guess"}
    {"Now What"}
    I Gotta Raise Up And Gotta Cover Assets On Long Term
    Taking Wrong Turns Show These People I Was Born Firm
    Making Song Burn, My Voice Box Can't Take It
    Feeling Like I'm Out At Plays Naked And Shakin'
    I'm Breakin' A Sweat And Can't Do Nothin About It
    I'm Feelin' Crowded, Can't Concentrate Can't Think Straight
    Shit I Think I'm Flippin Out Don't Know What Am I 'sposed To Do
    It's Just A Scenario But It Could Happen To You
    [Chorus X2]

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