Beenie Man One Big Road Lyrics

Maestro Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Maestro
  • 2 Nuff Gal
  • 3 Blackboard
  • 4 Girls Dem Sugar
  • 5 Any Mr. Man
  • 6 Long Longi Lala (feat. Lady Saw)
  • 7 Be My Lady
  • 8 Yaw Yaw
  • 9 Halla Fi Di Jordan
  • 10 Girls Way
  • 11 Oh Jah Jah (feat. Silver Cat)
  • 12 His-Story
  • 13 Man Royal
  • 14 One Big Road
  • 15 Nuh Lock (feat. Little Kirk)
  • 16 Africans
  • 17 Jerusalem
  • 18 In the Ghetto (feat. Da Bush Babees)
  • 19 Romie
  • [Chorus]
    Cho, life is one big road, with a lot a sign
    Youthman growing up pon di border line
    Better yu live in love and nuh commit nuh crime
    Oh venders beenie man a sey is your time again
    Life is one big road, with a lot of sign
    Youthman growing up pon di border line
    Better yu live in love and nuh commit nuh crime
    Oh venders, wooh now.

    How comes the babylon a talk bout all the gun things
    Fi down
    When dem a stop the hustling and mek nuh dollars nah run
    Di youth dem have a tendacy fi tun to dem gun
    Fi tie up mr. chin and all bruck him place down
    Well dem haffi wear the latest brand wey come down
    Ghetto boys and ghetto girls dem just want to have fun
    To big up all the people who sell a arcade
    Most a dem a ghetto people and dem people dem nuh fraid
    But wha happen to the youths dem wey can't buy nuh stall
    Wey string up pon di side walk and mek a one call
    Government nuh matter bout dem people deh a tall
    Dem only cater fi di people who a mek dem tax tall


    This is the love I'm preaching and teaching
    To all my brethren I have to big up all my sistren still
    Woh deh deh lord all bad man listen woh naah.
    Long time ago back in a kingston city
    Life was hard but now the life silly
    Mi hear sey billy shot afta barry, fi wha
    Di two a dem a par and di two a dem a natty
    Out a tastee one go buy a little patty
    Di other locks a hallah fi a yatty.


    Wan know how di ghetto youths dem a live
    Police a beat vendors and a treat dem like pig
    All di youth dem wey live in a di village
    Woh a afta paper dem live some all a wipe car glass
    Man a laugh and have big talk
    All ghetto youth a fi unoo time now fi talk
    Step up inna life and mek di government see
    All the things dem doing to we, but hear mi sing
    Life is love, life is livety, life is loveliness,
    Life is harnony, life is freedom, life is long love
    Give thanks to on to halli silassie but cho.
    Repeat chorus then go from top.

    Written by: Moses Anthony Davis, Stephen John Marsden, Patrick Roberts, Andrew Thomas
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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