Jim Jones Once Upon A Time Lyrics

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A couple funerals, hit the mass up
Then the feds scooped half of the whole hood up
Couple niggas start pointing fingers
Around the town, back to the base to dropping to have a hot single
Half the whole world saying what's up
And the fans were tryin to see what was up
But fuck y'all!
They nare witness, who said they bought something or sold something to me
Niggas all in my business
And this that real life, no bullshittin'
This that straight facts, no fiction
I see ho nigga, and I just feel friction
Give them one to they head, leave they top missin'

Top missin, like my new car
Rock glistenin', two broads
Watch clickin', I'm too hard, stop bitchin'
Shit get high, fuck it when the shots hit him
Same game, they got Pac missin'
Big too, they put y'all in the same place
I hope when they hit me dawg they put me in the same place
I'm in a place where you can get bombed on
Same time you turning your car on, shots fired
We all know the con artist slippin'
So I keep big hammers in every car I'm whippin'
Just in case we catch a 48 hour victim
And they can up and get em and I will not forget him
I look around man, the game is tryna pull me in
But if I go back it's not half, nigga I'm fully in
The coke sales, murdering, the bullyin'
Nigga fuck what it coulda been
I swear to God you young punks don't want me in the hood again
It's only jail or the grave is where they gonna put me in
In my day I done ducked about a dozen beats
I'm from Harlem man, you get killed over your cousin's beef
The only never fear I had was when I hugged the streets
We say life's a bitch but I love the streets
Shit I got this Porsche out it too
And I love rockin' Air Forces, of course...
We rich niggas from Porsche to Aston IIs
Bitch niggas of course we'll blast at you

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