Your Shapeless Beauty On the Wings of the Black Rain Lyrics

Sycamore Grove Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Prélude n°3
  • 2 Le berceau de l'ange
  • 3 The Awakening
  • 4 On the Wings of the Black Rain
  • 5 Equinoctical Desires
  • 6 An Orchid in My Belfry
  • 7 Last Embers From the Past
  • 8 Goddess of Lust
  • 9 Récital pour une agonie céleste
  • 10 Deities in the Dew
  • 11 Empyreal Dispair

  • [music: Cozzi, lyrics: Blachier]

    it rains in my soul someday
    it rains on my soul
    it rains

    I feel the shadows overwhelming me
    from the bottomless pit of sunken dreams
    tearing my tormented soul apart
    they call me from beyond...

    beyond the horizon...
    beyond their reason

    twisted minds for perverse tastes
    a lust consumed by a neverending fire
    burn my son, light their path, behold their weakness
    why am I denied

    by your own hand
    why have I to stand against this world of pain

    drape me in this velvet veil, a rose on my skin
    the thorns spread my bloody fear...sin

    oh, pulsating beat of my inner storm, I hear the cries of thousand
    funeral crows that haunt human deepest deviances
    seeking a truth for I can’t see reality, I search for a long time disappeard
    heavenly ground where I could stalk, majestic...

    embrace of the new Aeon
    is like the weight of my crown
    the whip to lash your faith
    for I’ll soon be the conqueror of this dying world

    I will unleash my wrath (oh black rain)
    pour yourself into me

    and I still long for a new day
    trying to know how to keep me sane
    withering like teardrops in the ocean
    withering like flowers in the dust...

    the sands of time over my shoulders (oh black rain)
    show me the way...

    feel the bitter tears falling into drops of wine
    I reborn under the wings of the black rain

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