Hanson On The Rocks Lyrics

Early in the morning
I am reminded
How few things change

We've been through it
Every time it’s the same old phrase
Never should have said it
But you should know
What I meant to say

So we're back on the rocks
Been here before
Will it ever stop?
I've tried to change
We're gonna fight
So we can make it right

Livin' in the moment
We fight the fog
Of the everyday
Monday morning 20/20
It seems so clear

Even though I see it
I gave into weakness
And wind up here


I'm not givin' up (2x)

If I give in and reason
Then I'd stop believing
And just move on
I can't move on


I like it on the rocks
I take it on the rocks
So we can make it right
So we can make it right, ooo
So we can make it right
So we can make it right

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