Monumentum On Perspective of Spiritual Catharsis Lyrics

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I Feel IT, in my daily Actions
I Remove all the Past ILLUSIONS
that GRIP away from my mouth

My Carnal Shape is COMPLETE and Strong
and this is the PURE Human form
the Sounds of Words and Thoughts
are NOTHING but the Uncertainty
of ALL is supposed to be Known

The LIMBO is the Dry Season I BEG for
it Bleed out my dreamy Soul,ALONE and lifeless
Sands cover the last CARESS of Life
no PAIN is concerned to help the REBORN thru my shroud

Hanging in the BALANCE of a perfect Mind
and in the Truth of a NON-SENSE RELIGION
once I fed my HEAD now I BETRAY my Body
it's all I have the LIES carry an entire Existence

The SEPARATION from every New Day
engulfe the Misery of me that still Kill
and the SUPREME desire to be one with the Infinity
have Swallowed not only my PRIDE to live
but the Indifference will rule in my World


[Song Intro/P.M.:Samples,R.M.:scissors,Carillons courtesy of Berchis Family]

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