Halo Friendlies On Our Way Lyrics

Acid Wash Track Listing
  • 1 On Our Way
  • 2 Falling Away
  • 3 Acid Wash
  • 4 Don't Wake the Cat
  • 5 Hush
  • If it's fate then too late and whatcha gonna do anyway?
    If it's too soon for doom I think we're on our way
    Fill this future with all this ammunition and we're looking for a reason
    We'll never find a season cuz it's lost in hate, a cost of taste, I think
    We're on our way now

    All we ever believe is what we see and what we feel
    But it's falling, calling
    And no one can hear a sound, no one can hear it now

    Shut out and shut up, is this how we're gonna live our lives now
    Cuz there's no place for faith, I think it's all too clear
    Looking up, looking down, let's avoid the crowd, let them run the world
    Let them run it to the ground while we run in place to our disgrace, I think
    We've lost our way now

    It's a shame but who's to blame, what good are excuses anyway?
    I'm a fool just like you, I guess we're all the same
    But I'll try and I'll fight just to do what's right
    I won't live my life just serving my appetite
    I'm a child with my eyes up above and I'm on my way now

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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