Nappy Roots On My Way to GA Lyrics

The Humdinger Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Beads and Braids
  • 3 On My Way to GA
  • 4 Pole Position
  • 5 Flex
  • 6 Swerve and Lean
  • 7 Good Day
  • 8 Down 'n' Out
  • 9 Tinted Up
  • 10 Fresh
  • 11 Kalifornia Dreamin'
  • 12 Who Got It
  • 13 No Static
  • 14 Don't Stop (feat. Groove Chambers)
  • 15 Panic Room
  • 16 Small Town
  • ft. Jarren Benton

    Rozay, rozay, wide tops, rozay
    Serve light, bud light, wide tops then hoes say
    '60's, bang it, I don't shoot, I slang it
    '30's, Pablo, no thanks, just hanging
    Shrooms keep me up, shrooms keep me up
    My blunts catching on fire, damn it, I see red drugs
    My eyes may be rolling but damn me, I'm holy
    I'm just outside my body, that's some shit I ain't controlling
    Damn, I think I'm hit, man down, mayday
    Damn, I'm drunk as hell, I could tell it must be payday
    Bootleg, Billy Four, '93 octane
    Smoking on that green crack, sipping lean, quit cocaine
    Boom, that's a tummy ache, tomorrow I'm gonna vomit
    Tonight I'm gonna talk shit then hit the streets and run it
    My date look astonished, I'm just paying homage
    Told her love me now 'cause when I come down I plummet

    We mobbing, wiping, San Diego, we charging
    90 all the way to Boston, fuck the laws, we dodging
    Steve Austin, six milli', dead presidential, hood presidential
    Hotter than fresh chilly, we conjure out here Billy
    Oh really, oh mighty, Lord have mercy, make this worthy
    16 bars and flawless verses, ride the wave, don't fight it
    Roll it up then light it, mean look but I'm excited
    Kick a bad bitch that go both ways, you know a partner's invited
    Vacation, vacation, two bad broads in one location
    One in the cut, one on deck, I keep 'em in rotation
    Ovation, outstanding, higher the plane I'm landing
    These haters wanna see us crash and burn
    These motherfuckers can't stand me
    In Vegas, Miami, Kentucky raised, I'm fucking paid
    I bust a great just like your head, spontaneous, no planning
    Call the law, I dare you, we hit the bitch, you murder
    Live ain't fair but don't blame us, it sucks, nobody ain't tell you

    Yeah, I'm so high I could skydive off the moon
    Mister big hit fuck off your afternoon
    I got a bag of shrooms and a hoe to suck me like a vacuum do
    I'm so off I should rap inside a padded room
    Fuck you and your faggot goons
    Badabing, badaboom, kick the fucking scabs off the wound
    I told that bitch I'm making hip hop back there
    Shit ain't there, I just took the bitch out of tune
    Yeah, nigga, million dollar craft, in a U plane, call it Gorbachev
    Any minute, bitch, we gonna orbit off
    And if the pussy smell bad then my dick gonna solve
    Word to my nigga skinny as scales
    We put his body in the ocean where amphibians dwell
    The grim reaper of rap, I'mma send him to hell
    And you the type of nigga that'll stick his dick in the mail
    I am too cool for these niggas
    Can go on all day, never change, nigga
    Get dough, tryna stack my bread up
    To the point'adios when I'm out the bitch coochie
    Fuck it'
    I talk to myself 'cause these niggas all fake
    Reptilian, I bet these niggas all snakes
    We gonna get cake
    Fuck it, let these niggas all hate

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