To Each His Own On My Own Lyrics

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No penned up frustrations about you or anyone else. Found out all the things I needed to do, I can do myself. Through one simple thought, I've found true freedom. Wash away those negative thoughts, cause I'll not need them. Whatever it is, I can do it on my own. Just gotta concentrate, and realize my goals. All these barricades in my way, and sometimes I feel. I just can't get away, but there's always a place where I can go. A place where I can do it on my own. Why is my progression always stunted by regret; and how can I be held responsible for what I don't know yet; and how can you tell me what to feel, because how will I know what I feel is real? This time I'm gonna keep my head above water, and never dive too deep. I'm gonna crawl, if I have to. Anything to make myself ... anything to make myself succeed.

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