Dead Moon On My Own Lyrics

Unknown Passage Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Dead Moon Night
  • 2 My Escape
  • 3 A Miss of You
  • 4 54/40
  • 5 I'm Wise
  • 6 Evil Eye
  • 7 I Tried
  • 8 Time Has Come Today
  • 9 Demona
  • 10 On My Own
  • I've touched it all and watched it as it fell away
    Pressed my face to glass before I broke
    I'm on my own

    And as I lay in a twlight spell
    I could sense something was coming as the comets fell
    Out there something's moving in the lights
    I'm on my own

    A metal gray that glides away
    The silver beads of heat that weld the night to day
    That weightless, sinking feeling without time
    I'm on my own

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