Plies On My Dick Lyrics

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Bra if yo cash ain't right, right now dawg **** just ****ed up right now dawg you done took
A lost when a ***** don't wanna give you nothing dawg telling you dawg you can make something happen

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
My money looking funny ***** just making it barely **** ain't how it use to be ***** ain't
Fronting the package gotta choke me a ***** outta something I gotta have it I'm on my
**** dawg gotta make something happen

When a ***** money ****ed up it's hard for him to think straight
Seem like a ***** life in park when he ain't got cake
First thing that cross a ***** mind **** he gotta take
You can stay broke forever or you can make a shape
Cause when you broke ***** talk to you any kinda way
You on ya **** ***** don't wanna here **** you gotta say
If you ain't built for this street **** den get out the way
Cause when a ***** broke everybody's ****ing gravy
You either get money out here or you ****ing hate
You think a ***** gone give you something den keep waiting
You betta suck up yo mutha****ing pride and chase it
Cause when a ***** broke he ain't pose to have patients


I don't know if God trying to punish me or my luck just bad
I don't know which one of 'em it is but I need some ****ing cash
I rather be in prison broke then out here without a stash
They say when it rains it pours then how will it last
Before I let it rain on me I'm a let a ***** crash
With all black on chie five and ski mask
The streets judge off what you got not what you had
I took a lost and it hurt me ****ed me up bad
It ain't no feeling in the world like loosing ya last
I ain't got no choice I'm ****ed up gotta bounce back
Seems like it take forever to get to get it but you can loose it fast
I rather a mutha****a visit me while sitting behind a glass


The ***** that invented robbing I bet he was broke
Cause when you ****ed up out her it ain't no ****ing joke
And all bets off when a ***** money low
A ***** willing to take chances he ain't neva took before
And willing to cross a mutha****a for the love of the dough
I can't fault ***** cause I done did that **** before
If you gone take it just be ready to play it how it go
It's every ***** for self this **** cut throat
I bet I past me a ***** for he past me tho
For every ***** balling it's a hundred *****s hunting
I don't know if he told but these yung *****s thuggin
So why you outta balling it's some *****s riding lucky


Written by: Algernod Washington, Buddy Long
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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