Eazy‐E Ole School Shit Lyrics

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[Featuring B.G. Knocc Out Gangsta Dresta Sylk]
[Eazy E]
Hey Yella
kick that ****
199 muthaphukkin E
the muthaphukkin year
of the real muthphukkin' G's
and we gonna do this **** like this...
[Gangsta Dresta]
***** eva deadly
ya just don't know who ya ****in' wit
so I suggest get in ya **** and keep truckin' *****
before I get my gat ya pressure case
Blast blast I leave my gang bang layin' on ya face
I tattoe Dre name on my chest
cross it out just another ***** that I X-ed huh
and you won't see R.I.P.
you'll see P.N.D.
a Punk ***** deceased yeah
and the ***** that was yours will be mine buddy
all because ya woofed on a ***** that was nutty
and I had to make an example
***** thinks I'm crazy now but that was just a sample
of a ***** with street wise reality
that don't give a **** type Compton mentality
I stare back death right in the face
contemplate my last day on and everyday base
cause a ***** neva know when he go
I hope it only takes one shot
cause I don't want to die slow
my funeral will be full of my peers
people that neva gave a **** about me droppin'
threw me tears
I hope I'm in the casket face down
so all you muthaphukkaz can kiss my black *** now
and **** all that cryin' all night
just be happy that I'm rid of this ****ed up life
Yeah, and now you see you can't handle me
I give a shout to Tonel and the Ruthless Phuckin Family.
Out wit the old in with the muthaphukkin new
but check dis **** out I got somebody for ya *****....
Now it's about time for the Sylk to speak
check dat *** last weak
you off the chronic and you tweak
speak when I feel
cause I'm as real as they come
I'm a ***** with a gun
neva run ain't for none
so step, step up
if ya want to test ya luck trick
Sister like Sylk
don't really giva a **** *****
punk *****es want to step phony speak howdy doody
I make ya self break ya self ***** you neva new me
yours truly no longer layin' in the cut
steady phuckin' **** up
neva see me shakin' my butt I strut
like a gangsta ***** no not a pranksta *****
I'm quick to gank a ***** trick
peep game at this ***** as I shoot this
gangsta ***** steppin' rollin' wit da Ruthless.
[B.G. Knocc Out]
The are-you-T-H-L-E double S
yo it's the ***** knocc out
claim the block so ***** what's next
try to step and flex and get wrecked like a mac truck
I'm kickin', tah spittin' this funky **** to make a quick phat buck
I'm doggin' a dog you suckaz can't talk bout tip flip I rip ****
I'm stressin' "Damn 'cause", "Pick it back up"
Chillin up in the studio
with the Ruthless Family
**** the Death Row Posse
yo them fools cannot handle me
Snoop and Andre ya come and try to fade the
Loc'ed out, Compton, Original Baby Gangsta
1-8-7's how we do it on the West
ya say ya **** is Chronic but to me it's more like stress
or should I say make my **** the stronic
Tha Dogg Pound don't want to step to the atomic dog
D-O-T-K-N-O-Double-see-O-you-T so muthaphukka come and phuck wit me.
"Come On", "Come On"
"This is just a little something to keep ya *** in check
Ruthless Muthaphukkin' Family ya still in effect"(x3)
"This is just a little something to keep ya *** in check
Ruthless Muthaphukkin' Family" "Kick That ****"
Jealousy is a muthaphukka when your the man
with the other hand I don't give a ****
clock a grip like no other can
want to be like me be a G like me
but I'm the ***** that made a G
outta the ***** D-are Eazy
I was the captain
Dre was my sidekick
everything was cool
till he wanted to get what I get
any other real G Eazy-Muthaphukkin-E
now claimin' you a G
how does it feel to be me
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