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Willie Nelson Lyrics

I'm keepin' my eye peeled on you
What's the good word tonight
are you gonna be mellow tonight?

Ole buttermilk sky
can't you see my little donkey and me
We're as happy as a Christmas tree
headed for the one I love

I'm gonna pop her the question that question
do you Darling do you do?
It'll be easy so easy
if I can only bank on you

Ole buttermilk sky
I'm tellin' you why now you know
Keep it in mind tonight
keep brushin' those clouds from sight

Ole buttermilk sky
don'cha fail me when I'm needin' you most
Hang a moon above her hitchin' post
and hitch me to the one I love

You can if you try
don't tell me no lie
Will you be mellow and bright tonight
ole buttermilk sky

[ guitar ]

Ole buttermilk sky don'cha fail me...

Will you be mellow and bright tonight
ole buttermilk sky

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