The Wheel Workers Older Now Lyrics

Yes I am older now, I’ve found that time is running out.
Got all these things to do, but so soon, it ends, it all is through.
I’d like to divide myself, send aspects off to collect a wealth
Of different lives then by and by return to share it.

I would climb the highest mountain,
I would learn an Eastern language,
I would know all the names of, all the stars up in the sky,
I would surf the ocean and follow every road.

Yes I am older now and I’ve found that time is running out.
Everyone’s forced to choose, on what to spend the time they use.
If I could divide myself , I’d try to figure this all out.
But since I cannot I choose right now to spend some with you.

I would fight for every cause,
And I would write a science fiction novel,
I would checkmate a grandmaster of both chess and go,
I would make a movie, and yes, I would find love.

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