Lil' B Old Sku Mobbin Lyrics

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I'm loc'd out motherfucker
Aye what the fuck you doing around here?
In my spot
In my side of town

Verse 1
One day I was riding down 6th street
Looking for some bitches that owe me
You know me I stay with that doja
And always it's motherfuck the rollers
And still I stay out of pocket
I might go bad I stay with them watches
Cause nigga it's my time
And every time I rap I'm still dropping dimes
That's just because I'm real and I'm ill
Bitch tell me how you feel
And I might need Viagra when I mash ya
Cause I'm the fucking champion
Give me all the drops and the yachts
Cause this mack shit don't stop
And remember me as BasedGod
I'm rolling one deep with the top drop

Verse 2
I still got line on all the ???
What you wanna do I can see through ya
Man you suckas bout my lettuce
Cabbage any greens I gets it
Man the game gets deep
I don't sleep cause bitch I wanna eat
I'm tired of these noodles
And these motherfuckers knocking at my door trying to Buddha
Man I don't sell no weed
I'm out here on the streets bitch with the G's
These niggas still haters
When I make a billion dollars yall gone turn to beggars
And this is real
If I was a lie then fuck this bitch feel me
Niggas hating on me I'm riding 26's
And fuck these bitches

Hook (x2)
Don't nobody know about the game I chose
I stay strapped up that's the way it goes
The bitch running game she another ho
I'm dipping down the block in my 64
Thanks to Bishop for submitting Old Sku Mobbin Lyrics.

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