Too $hort Old School Lyrics

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Old school, I'm from the old school
Old school, I'm from the old school
I came in the door as the story goes
Looked around the room all I seen was hoes

It's like a ***** supermarket; let's go shoppin'
Packed like sardines, clubs straight poppin'
**** the V.I.P. section
I'm bout to hit the pharmacy, and get my head connected

Get me some protection
Walk around and see who I want to have sex with
The usual, a nice high-yellow cutie
Or maybe tonight, I might find a black beauty

With a big ol' booty, no doubt
We'll have a few drinks and then roll out
I can't do the "Jungle Fever"
'Cause it's too many black hoes here that might see ya

If I peep a white broad with some *** and lips
fine as hell, I'ma have to ask the ***** somethin'
'Cause I might end up ****in'
I don't care what you say, I don't owe you hoes nothin'

I **** tall *****es, even **** small *****es
Too bad I can't **** all you *****es
It don't take players like me too long
To get *****es like you to let me take you home

I got the game from Oakland, California
I'm Short Dawg, I hope your momma warned ya
'Bout the old school, do the old school
I'm from the old school, do the old school

I'm always hustlin', always workin' hard
If you tryin' to get the money I'ma do my part
On the weekends, we like to celebrate
Cash checks ride away can't wait

**** crime, I'm bustin' Too $hort rhymes
Unless it's bout millions I ain't tryin' to do time
It's like everyday is Saturday
So many *****es let me have my way

You can analyze it, all you want
But I was knockin' bad hoes with no teeth in the front
When I had no money and drove my momma's car
I had bad-*** *****es look like superstars

It's the game, old as it may be
it makes fine-*** hoes call me baby
I look down and think, this that ****in' ****
Seein' this beautiful *****, she just suckin' my ****

Too many times in a player's wife
We always have to hear what you squares feel like
**** that, do what you gotta do
I see you creepin' through the hood buyin' prostitutes

I know I'm ****in' hoes, and gettin' high
You want to criticize me but you livin' a lie
with yo' suit and tie, and yo' love for hoes
You ain't **** ************ and Short Dawg knows

I'm from the old school, do the old school
Do the old school, I'm from the old school
Don't cross the game they'll take yo' life
Respect the game and you can play all night

If you snitchin', don't get caught slippin'
If you blood'n or crip'n, other *****s set-trippin'
watch yo' back, it don't take a brainiac
We got a lot of homicidal maniacs in the streets

Sometimes life is terrible
Y'all say goodbye, *****s say be careful
Back in the day they woulda killed yo' ***
for a reason, they might even keep you breathin'

**** your whole world up, you can't get down
Broke livin' on the streets and you can't skip town
But ain't no slow deaths in the triple-oh
If you ****in' up then you get to go

Somebody goin' hold you down
so you can't get up off that cold ground
Lights flashin', and you keep passin' out
You know you ****ed up with your bad-*** mouth

Once upon a time they would o knocked you out
Maybe back in ninety-nine, but fnot in 2000
Anybody want to do it like the old school?
Hella *****s at the park with no shootin'

Sunday afternoon, at the park
*****s leanin' hella hard goin' by in the car
Do the old school, do the old school
I'm from the old school, do the old school

Old school, do the old school
I'm from the old school,
Yeah old school baby, Biatch!

Written by: Stefan Baumgartner, Joseph Michael Billups, Shawn D. Brown, Robert Vogt, Harald Zankl
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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